Welcome to our Macromedia Flash Tutorial


Welcome to our Wikispace. This page is for people who want to learn how to use Flash, who want to become a more advanced Flash user or for people who have no idea what Flash is or what it does. We, as 8th graders, are going to teach you every thing you need to know to use Macromedia Flash, from basic tools to tips to make it easier or how to use Flash more effective.

We had been making our own animations on Macromedia Flash in a form of an e-card, which is a greeting card on the computer that moves. You can find all kind s of e-card on the internet, for example on hallmark or on 123greetings. By using Flash in our Information Technology class or in other words, computer class, for six weeks, we have all became experts on the field of Flash. While we were making them, we followed Technology Design Cycle, so that we learned every thing we need to learn in order to complete our animation.

In conclusion, we would very much like to say thank you to Miss. Cofino, who is our teacher and we hope you like our Wikispace.