Welcome to the Technology Design Cycle page. On this page I will describe the Technology Design Cycle to you and tell you what you do in each of the 4 sections.

To start with you have the Investigate segment. In this section you research your topic and find basic information on it. For example, in this case you would research Macromedia Flash. You would first research what makes a good e-card. you would go to websites like hallmark or 123greetings and look at 5 or more e-cards and write 3 or more things for every e-card what is good about it. Then you would open Inspiration or any other mind mapping program and start to think about what you want to do. Plot out 3 major ideas including what kind of card it is, what song you would put with it, text, background, summary of what would happen in your e-card, etc. Second lastly you would learn a little bit how to use flash. You can check out these pages:
Motion Tween -
Shape Tween -
Rotate Shapes -
Change Color -
Finally you have to write a reflection of how you will use the things that you have learned in this section to help you make the flash animation and decide which e-card form your brain storm you will do and describe it.

There are only 3 things that you have to do for this part of the project. Firstly make a storyboard of the animation that you are going to make. You can go here to see the page: Secondly you have to make a criteria for grading you project after the create section. You can make this criteria based on your research you did in the investigate. This is an example of the criteria: . Lastly you have to make a reflection again with in that describing how your e-card will look when its finished and what will happen. Also how it demonstrates a excellent e-card and how you plan to make this animation in Flash. Do you know every thing you need to know? And if not, what else do you need.

And now, finally you have come to what you have been waiting for! You are going to create your animation!!!! =) YAY!!! Any way, in this section, as you know, you are going to make your e-card, and write an other reflection. The only thing that I am going to tell you about creating your animation is that you should keep referring to you criteria and worksheets that you did in Investigate and that you uses theses 5 things: Motion Tween, Shape Tween, Rotation, Color change and Text (greeting). Also keep in mind that you have to convey a important message in your e-card. When your done with the e-card do a peer assessment on your criteria: it should look like this: . Finally you can write a reflection, this now has to include:
- Which criteria did you meet.
- How did you (or what did you do to) meet the criteria?
- Are you happy with your final product
- Was it difficult/easy to create? Why?
- Did you enjoy this part of the project? Why or why not?
- What did you learn during this part of the project?
- What do you feel you need to learn now to be a more advanced user of Flash?

In this last section we are going to evaluate all the work you have done in the last 3 segments of this project. Go to this link to see what you have to do: .

Well, now you are done with your Flash Animation and all the last minute details! Well done! =)