DanielB's E-Card

Love Letter E-card

I made an e-card that sends the message of love in a unique, and special way. I am sending this card to my family members who live miles away from me. I believe this can really express my love to them. My e-card starts with almost dead plant that is depressed and losing its power to hold its leaves. Then its owner also can be known as “the plant lover” comes and give the plant water. Then the plant starts to grow healthier and delightful. Then at the ends it writes, “can’t live without you”, “love you”, and “can give you my life”. This e-card can be the material to show that you are in love with someone. Most people don’t’ express the love, because they believe that they would already know; however, they don’t’. This e-card can help you send the love message. This shows the struggle and depression of the plant without its lover. The message carries deep and strong meaning with has the ability to change a person’s mood. My e-card is the staple of peoples’ love.