Emma's E-card

To complete this e-card I used the 4 basic steps of the Technology Design Cycle. To futher find out about these steps, click HERE. I made this e-card for my cousin, Sabine. She lives in The Netherlands and I really miss her so I wanted to make an animation especially for her. In this e-card a girl, which in this case is me, is walking in the hills and is sad because she is so lonely. Then she sitts down near a tree and thinks of the song called "Mr. Lonely" which is by Akon. In her thinking bubbles you see the text of the song as it plays. At the end the girl conveys her message by saying that she misses Sabine and that she is her best friend and that she cant wait to see her in The Netherlands. This is because I am moving to back to The Netherlands this summer and I am really looking forward to it! =)