Ryan's e-Card

What I did to create this animation. I made my plans of what I wanted, I draw them by hand, I basically planed every single step. Then I copied those steps while making it on Macromedia flash, I added all the necessary tweens and colours to create my happy birthday e-Card. The thing I like best about my e-Card is the man singing, because it is funny and it fits the theme of my e-Card. The hardest thing to make was the birthday cake because it was very time consuming to draw the birthday cake, but I think the overall result was good.

Azita's e-Card

To make this e-card i used the Technology Design Cycle; investigate, plan, create, evaluate. First I went online and looked at e-Card to start thinking of what I was going to do in my Flash Animation e-Card. Then I drew out my e-Card step by step with labels for each tween. After that, I took my plan and made it into the e-Card above. This e-Card is ment as a "Happy Birthday" e-Card for someone that likes to play (or maybe watch) golf. I like this e-Card personaly because it is short, simple and gets it's message through in the little time provided.

Miki's e-Card

I made this e-card for my grand mother’s birthday, and I am very proud of my final product. To make Flash, I had to use tweens effectively, and I also used other methods, such as color changes, shape changes, etc. to make it fun to see. My e-card is very simple, and it is not as fancy as other’s, but I am sure my grandmother will be happy when she watches it.