Sai's e-Card

Flash is a very easy program to work with, and is quite enjoyable once you know how to work with it. I found Flash difficult at first, but now, I want to work more with Flash and learn the other skills that I don't know. There is one tip I would like to give all you viewers of this wiki: To work with Flash, START SIMPLE.Do not make things complex, because otherwise, Flash will be very hard. That is one lesson I learned. Yet, I started my animation over (after long periods of stressful work with my original animation) and I made it simple, and voila! I had all the basic tools I needed, my animation was fun to view, and it delivered a proper message. Move from simple to complex so that you understand all the tools and tweens of Flash. Good luck and I hope you enjoyed my animation.

Gino's e-Card

In the beginning, using Flash was a little bit confusing, but as time passed it got really easy. I used the Motion, Shape and Color tween to finish my animation and most of the tools on the toolbar. My animation is for everyone in grade 8 this year because my card is a graduation card from middle school to high school