Steve's e-card

This is my e-card about saying good-bye to the best friend or just good friend. Making this e-card was a challenge for me because I've never made one before and I learned a lot of things during the creation of the animation. I brainstormed my ideas first, and made 6 storyboards. Then I practiced the skills for flash and made the actual animation. I also wrote reflections for each step to make sure that I learned about it. At first scene of my animation, one guy is crying and waving his hand to his friend who will be leaving in front of his condo. Then one red rose is standing on the ground and the leaves fall down. Some text comes out as well saying good-bye. After that, his friend is leaving with a plane and that guy will be looking at the plane flying through the clouds. Then the guy who is leaving's thinking comes out in the scene. All the smiley faces come out and spinning around. Next that guy is on the plane, looking down and all the houses get smaller from the airplane view. At last scene, there will be one tree and leaves falling down. And some texts will be there. And for the whole animation, there will be a song tuning which is very slow and classic.

Eugene's e-card

This is my first e-card. I'm very proud of the results because it was far from my expectation. This was a real challenge to me because i was not used to mac. The first step for me was to brainstorm ideas and learn the basic skills of tweening and tools. Before actually starting on Flash, I drew the storyboard and wrote down every single little detail on what's going on in the scene. The first keyframe is a plane flying across the scene with a bird and two clouds in the scene. On the second keyframe, the plabe turns into the 4 clouds and 1 cloud turns into a exploding theme while the other turns into a white cloud and the bird turns into the text "BYE!!". On the third keyframe, everything stays the same but the text changes into "Have Fun In Sydney" while the white cloud rotates. On the last keyframe, the 4 clouds turns into 8 clouds, the exploding theme changes into a donut cloud,the white cloud turns into the plane and the ext becomes "See u soon" The plane flies though the donut cloud using motion tween. I used a techno song because the scene is fast and brisk.