These are the flash skills that we have learned and used over the course of our quarter-long computer subject.

There are three types of basic tweens we have learned:

Motion Tween- giving motion to a grouped/ungrouped object.

When you use the motion tween, make sure you put the object that will move on its own layer.
Step 1: Create the object you will be movingPicture_1.png:

Step 2: Insert a keyframe on the frame where you want the animated object to stop moving:Picture_2.png

Step 3: Move the object to the desired location:

Step 4: Click on the layer the object is on to highlight it

Step 5: Right-click on the frames in the timeline. Create motion tween:

Rotation- Giving a grouped/ungrouped object rotation either in c/w or antic/w direction.

Draw the shape you wish to rotate
Use selection tool to highlight the whole shape.
Click on Modify and select Group (to combine both the color and the lines of the shape to be rotated together).
Insert a keyframe to where you want your rotation to stop.
Click on the layer of your object to highlight the whole length of the animation.
1. Select Motion under Tween.
2. Under rotate, select clockwise/anti-clockwise.
3. Choose numbers of rotations.

Shape Tween- Changing shape of an object in the animation

Step 1: make a new layer and draw any shape.
Step 2: now make a key frame

Step 3: once you have made the key frame you must click on the last frame and erase the old shape.


Step 4: replace it with the new shape that you want


Step 5: next you highlight the layer


Step 6: insert shape tween.


The Toolbox

This is the toolbox. The highlighted arrow is the selection tool. You can select shapes and move them around with this tool.
The white arrow is the sub selection tool.
The icon below the black arrow is the free transform tool.
The icon next to that is the gradient transform tool.
The thin, black line is the line tool.
Next to the line tool is the lasso tool.
The icon below that is the text tool and the tool next to that is the pen tool.
The icons below those icons are the rectangle and oval tool.
The icons below those icons are the pen and brush tools.
The ink bottle tool and paint bucket are the tools below that.
The icons below that are the eyedropper tool and eraser tool.
The tools below that are the hand tool and zoom tool.


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