flash valley everything you need to know about flash


On this site it has all different kinds of tutorials. Basically everything you need to know about macromedia flash. It has examples, and some fun flash games to play. you can even ask questions if you need help, you just click the envelope that say contact underneath it. One more pretty amazing thing this site has is templates if you are not a very good drawer you can just start with a good picture.

echoe echoe all the basics to make a basic flash Animation


On this site you can find detailed tutorials for you to use as an example. This site has instructions about how to do the basic things on flash, from tweening to drawing. it gives you a basic introduction for making a basic flash.

Wikipedia Macromedia Flash Basics

This website is a site that has information of what flash is about e.g. It shows people what are the basic controls, the tools that are available on flash and the purpose of flash. It also defines some keywords such as the timeline-“The timeline add another dimension to the stage allowing you to animate and interact with object over time (frames)”. It also tells about the advantages and purpose of flash in problem solving. It also shows the basics of how to use flash.

Flash Designer Zone Tutorials


This site is very useful for beginners and also people who are introduced to flash already. It teaches animation (items, text, path, how to explode squares, motion and shape tweening or to have animated backgrounds or intervals).
It teaches how to work with frames. It teaches how to create a frame that will appear when a viewer moves the mouse over to a designated object. It is informative about how text can be converted into a link, how one can create a ‘flash pre-loader’ while the flash animation is loading and the viewer is waiting so that the viewer just does not ignore the flash animation because of waiting and shuts the website -this I think will be good for our flash e-cards once they are loading the animation so that the viewer does not think that they are wasting their time, how one can make a link to a PDF file about the site…, displaying time and date in a flash movie. It also teaches how to design buttons. It shows us how to import the sound into a flash movie and how to control the volume of the sound.

Kirupa Flash MX Basic Animation


This site is very useful for users that are new to flash. It teaches beginners how to animate, insert backgrounds, and use various tools like the pencil tool to draw. It shows people how to have intervals between various motions and how to use motion tween and shape tween to animate the objects. It teaches people the basics such as saving the flash file and publishing it as a flash movie. It shows people how to insert layers for different objects that needs to be animated.

Pixel Designs Learning the Basics of Macromedia Flash


This site has most of the information one needs to create their own animation on flash. It has, ‘Creating Buttons in Flash, Shadow effect without Flash 8, 3D Effects in vector graphics, Banner Animation Basics, Work with Layers, Applying Gradients, Create Symbols and Instances creating a document”. It has all the qualities of a good tutorial which teaches a beginner to make the most complexed of animations.

Smart Webby Basic Flash Tutorials

This site has concise information that will be sufficient for the viewer to make a basic flash animation. It has screenshots to help understand how to operate the program. It has topics like, “Creating Graphic Symbols, Creating Button Symbols, Creating Movie clip-Symbols, Basics of Flash Animations, Advanced Flash Buttons, Using Sound in Flash Buttons, Cool and Simple Flash Effects etc.