Here are the most important terms in Flash that you need to know:

LAYER: A layer is a section where you can include a specific portion of an animation such as just a background, or a face, or eyes. It is very important to label your layer for clarity. Make sure you create different layers for whichever features you want to move. To add a layer, go to the button below in the Layer window, and add layer.


A keyframe is a time period where any aspect of your animation occurs. For example, if you want to make a mouth move, you wil add a keyframe, add another keyframe, and create a shape tween. Keep going until you want to stop. You will know when you have a key frame if a black circle appears where you want to stop your animation in the layer. To insert a keyframe, right-click (or control click) whichever time you want your animation to end, and select Insert Keyframe.


Grouping isscrolling over it, and go to Modify, and select Group. used so that the creation in that layer is all together, and not as different portions. It is very useful to Group objects together, because then movement will be easy. To Group objects, highlight the object by


A tween is a method to either change shape, color, movements or rotations. Tweens are what make animations fun.

MOTION TWEEN:Motion tweens move objects to the desired location. To add a motion tween, add a keyframe after the one you are already wherever you want the motion to stop. Then, click on the object, move it to a different location. In the keyframe, right click and select Create Motion Tween. Notice that if the motion comes up as a continuing arrow, your motion works. If it is a dotted line, you have some problems.

SHAPE TWEEN:Shape tweens change the shape of the object. To add a shape tween, draw your original shape. Then, insert a keyframe, and in that keyframe, delete the original object and make the changed object. Highlight both keyframes, and you will find a toolbox at the bottom. Change the tween to shape, and make sure an ARROW comes up.

ROTATION: Rotations, as its self-explanatory, rotate an object. First, you must select the object and group it. Then, select the keyframe and change the tween to shape. Select Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise depending on how you want to change it. Make sure you have an ARROW.

COLOR CHANGE: Color change changes the color of an object. To change the color of an object, draw an object, and insert a keyframe. On the last part of the keyframe, select the new color you want the object to be and Fill Color. Change the tween to Shape Tween.

DELETE LAYER: Deleting a layer makes sure that nothing of that layer is left. However, you must remember that unless you are very sure you want to delete it, you must not because re-drawing that layer might be a problem. To delete a layer, simply drag a layer onto the little trash icon near the insert layer icon, and drop it there.

For more information, check out Flash Glossary.